Kind Distribution / Help Zakat

Here is the assistance provided by the Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs Terengganu (MAIDAM) to recipients, qualified recipients:

Humanities and Social Sector

• Help Monthly 
• Cost of Living 
• Help House Repair / Build New Home 
• Medical Assistance / Hemodialysis 
• First Aid / Disasters 
• Help Indebted 
• Help Rent 
• Help Immediate 
• Help Ramadhan 
• Help Rehabilitation Center / Shelter 
• Help Funeral Without Waris 
• Help Mosque Surau 

Sector Education and Higher Education institutions (HEI)

• Help the Early Learning Center and learning skills. 
• General Assistance Education Bursary and IPT   
• Establishing Institutions Program Scholars 
• Airfares Help Students IPT.  
• Help Students Association of Terengganu in IPT.  
• Help Program The IPT Religious Affairs. 
• School aid. 
• Parenting Skills Training Asnaf 
• Short Domestic Student Aid 
• Help School Students Academic Camp. 
• Program of Religious Affairs. 

Economic Sector and Entrepreneurship

• Reliance Capital Assistance / Business 
• Entrepreneurship courses Asnaf

Help Our Brothers (Convert)

• Consolation Day 
• Financial Assistance Monthly 
• Attendance Allowance Class Religion Foundation 
• Help Rent 
• Bursary Muallafs 
• Help Marriage 
• General Help Education 
• Development of Individuals 
• Consolation Incentives New Civil 
• Capital Assistance 
• Medical Assistance Muallafs 
• Courses and Training 
• Management Funeral 
• Help Circumcision

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