History of Establishment

Based on the record is found, MAIDAM was originally named Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council, was established in 1949 when the Act No.1 of 1949 was gazetted on February 16 the same year.
According to the news is that Yang Maha Mulia Sultan will cause to be made law for the purpose of regulating all matters of religion and to establish an Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council for help and advise His Majesty in all matters that affect the Islamic religious and Malay Customs Council.
Law is called the Law Council of Islamic Religion and Malay Customs 1949 (1368).
Its membership consists of no less than three official members in office are paid under the State Government and not less than 5 members are not official.
However, the Law is established, the membership list is not discovered until the Council of the Act is amended six years later with enshrines Act of 1955 Administration of Islamic Law (1375).
The law also eliminates the ceremony and placed at the bottom of the phase III in 6 to 21 to reveal the role and function more clear and focused.
Starting from July 1, 1958, has found that its membership list established from time to time up to now. At that stage, the Terengganu Religious Affairs Commissioner will be appointed by the President of the Council.
This happened again until the government gazette of the Administration of Islamic Religious Affairs in 1986 on March 26, 1987. In this enactment of a Secretary appointed for the Terengganu Religious Affairs Department (JHEAT).
In 1992, amendments will be made to convert the appointment to appointment secretary for JHEAT Secretary to the Council.
Dated 10 April 1996, approved amendments will enable the Chief Minister to the President of the Council and the Commissioner for Religious Affairs to the Secretary of the Council.
On June 30, 1998, once again made amendments involve the appointment of the Secretary of the Council, who is also the Chief Executive Officer who will carry out all the policies and resolutions of the Council. All the words in the enactment of the Commissioner of the Department and converted to the Council.
Subsequently, on 22 November 2001, the government approved of the Administration of Islamic Religious Affairs (Terengganu) 1422H / 2001M which came into force on August 1, 2002. The amendments were made in 2003 related to the Religious Enforcement Officer and 2008 on the power of His Royal Highness Sultan Council appoints the President and members of the Council the other.
Recent amendments to the Act in 2012. It is the State Government, through the State Assembly, which met on 25 April 2012, has approved the amendment which involves 21 sections.  
Amendment of Section 5 of the Enactment shows the abolition of the post of Deputy Commissioner and created a new position of "Director" to carry out the duties and responsibilities set by the Council and this Enactment. 
The office of the Commissioner is still maintained this position and appointing authority remained in the hands of His Majesty the Sultan. Commissioner for Religious Affairs will also be the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Terengganu.


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