zakat Income

• Income includes all types of income or returns in consideration of services including salaries, wages, bonuses, dividends, rental revenue, royalties, grants, allowances, honorium, compensation, pension, business, seasonal and other forms of investments and any income by or as a member of a professional career.

Definition of Salary

• That someone is a reward revenue service with an employer or an individual, company or institution.

• Employment income summarize: - 

i) Annual Salary

ii) Wait for Salaries

iii) Fixed Remuneration

iv) Other (including bonus or something that can be counted as income-related employment.

Free income

• That one's income through a job or business expertise or service that is rewarding his services.

Free income includes:

i) Legal Services

ii) Advisory Service

iii) Consultant

iv) Medical Treatment

v) Engineering

vi) The artist

vii) Other

Definition of Procurement

• Acquisition of mean income generated as a result of ownership of the garden / farm, house rent, the lease of land and other revenue.

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